Basquecountry is a land of differences and contrasts. Best way to show it is through pictures, best way to experience it is with us. BasqueCountry is a mecca for anyone interested in: Gastronomy, wines, surfing, architecture, art, culture and history. Expect high quality and sophisticated encounters and people. Gastronomy, wines, surfing, architecture, art, culture and history.

From the industrial harbour and vanguardian architecture of Bilbao, to the vast vineyards with old traditional bodegas mixed with others brand new made by worldleading architects such as Frank O’Gehry, Zaha Hadid and Santiago Calatrava. To the green lush hillsides with old farmhouses and cheeseproducers to the elegent seaside city of San Sebastian with it’s glamour and worldfamous restaurants.The neverending beaches of Biarritz and the untouched nature of Itxaso.

Although a relatively small area (2 hours drive west to east, 3 hours drive north to south), it’s nearly impossible not finding a paradise just for you. A minimum of 4 days is to recommend to get to know and experience the Basque Country.

Depending on the reason, intrests and objectives of our guests. Flying into either Biarritz or Bilbao airport. Spending a day in Bilbao visiting the Guggenheim museum and a walk along the river observing some of the greatest modern architecture in Europe, all along the river Nervion. A daytrip to La Rioja Alavesa visiting vineyards learning about these worldfamous wines and it’s process. La Rioja is filled with small medievil villages with true authentic restaurants.

Moving towards San Sebastian, a visit to the vineyards in Getaria producing the basque white wine Txakoli is a must. And why not end the visit with having lunch in a fishing village in one of the restaurants considered to be some of the better fishrestaurants in the world thanks to the great produce of the Cantabrian sea mixed with the careful preparation and cooking of 4 generations chefs. The «Rodaballo» (Turbot) is an all time favorite prepared on the large grills on the streets of Getaria.

San Sebastian is recommended as the «homebase», a city which lies in harmony in between mountains and the atlantic ocean. Go surfing in the waves of Zurriola. Eat at one of many 3 star michelin restaurants, or even better, at one of San Sebastian’s «secret» restaurants of the beaten track for friends and members only!

You will most likely try some of the best foods you will have ever had.The Old Town (Parte Vieja) hold more bars/restaurants than anywhere else in the world. This is the mecca of pintxos (basque tapas). Having a go and visiting 4-5 bars is a authentic one of a kind lunch or dinner experience with vast variety of foods and compositions. You will most likely try some of the best foods you will have ever had. Every place has it’s flagship pintxos and it takes a lot of time and eating keeping up to date with which places to visit and for what pintxo.

Other unforgetable food experiences are: Sidrerias (countryside restaurants) and our cooking and wine classes. We, together with the help of one of our chefs will learn how to make a variety of different pintxos or typical basque dishes, a fun and interactive way of getting to know to Basque lifestyle! A daytrip to Iparalde (french BasqueCountry) is also recomened. Here life is slower and calmer. Beautiful scenic routes with views over the jagged coastline and the green mountains of the Pyrenees behind.